Consignment Work Form



We begin the process by offering a free informal appraisal in one of three ways:
1. You can email us photos of the items you wish to sell at
2. You can bring items to our gallery and one of our appraisers will be happy to evaluate them.
3. We can come to you if you have a number of items to sell or if this is an estate clean-out.

The purpose of this informal appraisal is to give you an estimated value of what items would sell for at auction. The figure is based on our appraisers' expertise as well as what similar items would sell for at auction. This figure also reflects our opinion of a price that would attract the most bidders and get you the best price. Always remember that we are all interested in the same objective – to realize the most money for your articles!

Commission Rates and Fees

The buyer’s premium at CAPO AUCTION is the lowest among New York auction houses. Our premium is 23% ( that which the buyer pays) where most of the auction houses charge 25%.

As for the seller's commission – our standard rate is 25% however, this fee is negotiable depending on the rarity of the item or the size of collection being sold.


CAPO AUCTION is happy to discuss placing reserves on any item estimated above $1500.00. This reserve is always at or below the low estimate.

Transportation of Property

Most auction houses make seller responsible for shipping of goods to the auction house. We, at CAPO AUCTION can help you with this. We can recommend a shipper and organize the collection of goods and delivery to our facility. You pay the recommended shipper and we pave the way for a full service experience.

Passed Lots

Not everything sells at auction. We call these "passed lots" or "buy-ins". After a sale, we offer to sell these lots privately or we can arrange for return of said item or items. Oftentimes, we can recommend a non-profit where you are able to get a tax-deduction.

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